My Favorite Things


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My Favorite Things

Well hello there! I know I know…I’m a terrible blogger. You don’t just disappear for two weeks without at least saying something and I’m sorry for that!

Anyhoo we’re here now and a new post is up!

I just wanted to share with you a few things that I love oh so very much.

1.       We begin with Zumba! For those not very familiar with Zumba, it’s a dance-fitness class; based on Latin dance moves and music but sometimes my teacher adds in Hip Hop and Arabic music. I love Zumba! Honestly, I have tried every single exercise class on the planet! (Les Mills, Home DVDs, Yoga!) And I’m telling you NOTHING changed my figure the way Zumba did.

2.       My second thing on the list is Ear Cuffs! They are very trendy and I love them for oh so many reasons starting with A. Not expensive (I bought mine from H&M) B. They are that thing that makes your whole outfit different. I wore my ear cuff to the beach because I’m a fan of accessorizing for the beach but nothing that would give me weird tan lines. So the ear cuffs looked great as a beach accessory.

3.       Number 3 has to be my M.A.C foundation; I never understood the importance of Foundation until I met this baby. It makes everything last longer especially when you put it as a finishing for your liquid concealer; it keeps everything in its place.

4.       My “Such A Flirt” VS body spray. I love keeping it in my purse and it’s always so refreshing on those icky sticky summer days.

5.       My yellow Topshop pants which I actually stole from my best friend (Isn’t that what best friends are for? Lol) They brighten up any outfit and they make me smile.

6.       Head bands that dangle over the forehead (I’m awesome with naming things)! Ohhh man how much I love these! I actually started doing them with any simple and cute necklace and I just put it on my head and stabilize it with a bobby pin! They are soo pretty and different. (My best friend got beautiful pearl ones from Claire’s)

7.       Pastel nail polish by Essie. They have the prettiest colors and they last long too!

8.       My L’Oreal red lipstick that is always in my makeup bag for those sudden nights out. They immediately turn any outfit into a night time one.

What are your favorite things? I’d love to know!

Promise I won’t disappear anymore!



Fringe Mania


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Fringe Mania
I’ve been seeing so many fringed items on my oh so many shopping sprees and I love it, so boho/gypsy (I’m drooling over those maxi skirts).  

I would have to say that you get kinda sceptic about this trend cause somehow it always looks so chaotic something that you can’t work out at a formal dinner but of course you can!
So here it goes:
  1. I’d suggest you start slow maybe fringed heels or even a fringed necklace (Top shop has those) so you’d have a statement item and you’re still not over the top.
  2. Fringed necklaces can look pretty with V-neck tops or if you’re brave enough wear it with a buttoned up shirt and you can slip it under the collar.
  3. Fringed maxi skirts are so pretty with white converse or espadrilles.
  4. I really want to wear a flapper girl dress, they are just so pretty (Totally random I know).

Now go fringe hunting!


The DIY skirt


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Cue Anna Wintour

Cue Anna Wintour


This handsome guy interrupted my shoot!


Hello Lovelies! Won’t be doing too much talking today, I’ll let you enjoy the photos. The only thing I’m going to say is this skirt is actually a dress!!!! (Yes I’m awesomely creative) haha I tucked in the top part and because it’s poofy on the bottom it didn’t show and I also added the belt to give it a waist.

Shoes: Bershka | Dress/Skirt: H&M | Belt: Vero Moda | Cobalt top: H&M | Black Top: From a friend | Necklace: Gift | Bracelet: H&M | Sunnies: Ray Ban from Sunglass Hut

How I wore my Tail Top


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I want to dedicate this post to my beautiful sister Lara since she’s the one who bought this awesome top and I of course stole it from her haha. I was really intrigued about how to style it and I ended up wearing it with jeans and wedges. I kept everything simple in order to make it the main attraction. But I’m really excited about trying it with shorts or a skirt because I think the difference in height between them would be interesting. I liked adding the scarf as a accessory to the top because I felt that it would have been too plain even if I added a necklace.

Top: Express

Scarf: My Mother’s

Jeans: Bershka

Shoes: Kurt Geiger for Topshop

Bracelet: Vero Moda

Necklace: From a friend

Have a great weekend!


How to Wear: Harem Pants


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How to wear: Harem Pants

You know those days when it’s hot outside, when the moment you step out of an air conditioned room you immediately feel as though your entire body began a shower fest. Well it’s on those days that you come to appreciate the Harem Pants trend. They’re easy breezy (my favorite word btw), they’re loose, they’re colorful and they just make you feel so thin! (I’m sure we can all agree on that last point!) but who said you can’t wear them stylishly? Here are a few tips I like to always incorporate as much as I can when wearing Harem pants:

1. Always wear them above the your love handles. Trying to wear them right on the waist as though they’re jeans isn’t always flattering (It’s never flattering I’m just trying to be nice). When you put them above the love handles they accentuate your waist and make you feel like Beyonce (No?..Just me then)

2. Always wear them with heels, unless a. you’re above 175 cm tall or b. you’re tired and don’t care what the world thinks.

3. Adding a crop top to them is the best because the crop top removes the hassle of having to tuck the shirt under the pants and trying to hide the extra cusion it gives you around your love handles. However, if you don’t want to show your stomach try to buy a medium length top and knot it.

4. If the print on the pants is heavy, try to tone it down with a solid color top. 

What about you? How do you like to style your harem pants?

Happy Thursday Beautiful People! xx

Say It In A T-shirt


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Say it in a T-shirt

I can honestly say that my skills on Polyvore are looking up! I’ve been a great fan of mixing totally inappropriate pieces together (Aka that Bob Marley top with that huge chunky necklace or those purple shoes with the cobalt high-shorts). I just love that we’re crossing over to more courageous not so typical types of outfits and I also happen to love tops that say stuff.

Oh & For details about each piece just press on the picture:)

Have a great day! xx

Printed Leggings & Short dresses


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HeelsPrintedLeggingsHello my lovelies! So let me first begin by expressing how much I love that green dress. I bought it in winter and at the time I wore it with thick black stockings and cowboy boots and now that it was summer time, it was just too short to wear on its own so I thought about these beautiful printed leggings that I got and decided to go for it.The best bargain about this outfit would have to be those shoes (on sale for…10$…yes I’m just lucky like that!)

Dress: H&M

Leggings: Stradivarius

Shoes: Bershka

Necklace: H&M

Belt: A Gift

Have a great day! xx

A touch of Flare


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There isn't really anything on my left but it makes my jaw line so Awe-some!

There isn’t really anything on my left but it makes my jaw line so Awe-some!

One for the crazy ones;)

One for the crazy ones;)

This post wasn’t planned (hence the random location). I had a get together with my best friends and the get together became a mini photo shoot. I love you Paula & Amani!  I loved wearing my Kurt Geiger shoes (which you have not seen the end of) with these flared pants plus these pants make your thighs look so thin!

Top: Zara

Pants: Levi’s

Shoes: Kurt Geiger for Top Shop

Necklace: H&M

Purse: Stradivarius

& Of course I can’t end a Friday post without complaining about working on Saturdays..Boohoo:(.

Have a great night! xx

Why I Love Fashion: In Pictures


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Starting this blog was terrifying for me and like anyone venturing into something new, I suffered from self doubt about whether or not I should be doing this or if I’m good enough for this. So whenever that happens to me, I like to go back to the roots of why I decided to begin this little adventure of mine. Clothes. Clothes that make me feel GOOD! I know that the cynics of the world might wonder how I’m talking about a piece of cloth when so many more important things are happening in the world. I don’t think I can explain it, but I think it’s more than just a piece of cloth it’s a type of self expression it’s THEE type of self expression, it goes with you wherever you go and it communicates to people before you even open your mouth. So here are some pictures that remind me why I love fashion:

1 3  14 156 7 8 10

What about you? Have you ventured into something terrifying lately?

Images Source: Vogue, Fashion Spot & Refinery 29

Summer Essentials


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Summer Essentials

I’m loving this trend (How pretty is that eagle one at the bottom?!). It always makes the outfit stand out and doesn’t cost much. They look great under a buttoned blouse collar or some people like to add to it another long simple necklace to make it more unique.

My own personal tip when it comes to choosing a chunky necklace would be to always choose a beaded one over the metallic ones because the latter will change color after a while, where as the beaded ones are a long term investment.

Happy Monday! xx